The lawyers of Dr. Einhaus & Partner, based in Freiburg and Denzlingen, welcome you to the homepage.

We offer legal advice and representation for companies in the field of national and international business law in the broadest sense. This includes in particular company law, commercial law, intellectual property law, European law and tax law. This also includes insolvency law, in particular the right of insolvency avoidance and reorganisation law, including the restructuring of companies.

In addition, Dr. Einhaus & Partner offer legal advice and representation, also for private clients, in labour law, insurance law, construction and real estate law, family law, inheritance law and insolvency law.

Our clients receive advice from a single source if, for example, asset planning or corporate succession involves several legal areas such as corporate law, inheritance law and tax law.

We provide advice and representation far beyond the borders of Germany and in several languages, for example in Italy, France, Switzerland and the USA and in numerous other countries. We have lawyers admitted as "Avvocato" in Italy as well as an "Attorney at Law" with admission in the USA. We are the only law firm in our district with admissions in Italy.

Internationalization and globalization are advancing, and we are prepared for them. With a modern and international team that works for you in a progressive, efficient and specialized way through specialized lawyers. Our lawyers are entitled to bear the title "Specialist Lawyer" for International Business Law, Commercial and Company Law, Tax Law and Labour Law.