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Your Key to Justice

For 30 years we have offered our clients, whether as businesses or individuals based in-country or abroad, competent legal advice and legal representation in the German and international Arena.

Thanks to our diversity in all areas of law – especially in tax law, commercial and corporate law, family and inheritance law, rental and tenant law, employment law, insurance, transport, administrative offenses and criminal – we are a knowledgeable and reliable partner for our clients in all situations.

Our strong network of national and international service providers complements our legal services in all areas of daily needs, for businesses and individuals alike.

We are also the designated representative office of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany (ITKAM) for the southwest of Germany. Through this close cooperation – and because of our expertise in the field of economic development, information gathering and economic, legal, and tax advising – we can deal with all problems and issues in the establishment, financing, promotion, contract structuring, and tax and legal services (particularly in German-Italian legal relations) of international businesses in qualified technical and linguistic form.

We founded a partnership together with the tax consulting firm Barthel and Sarcoli in 2012: Dr. Einhaus, Sarcoli & Partners, lawyers and tax consultants. Since then, we have even been able to offer our clients classic certified accountant services such as accounting, payroll, and financial statements.

We hope our website gives you a good overview of our philosophy and our services. Comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Yours, Dr. David Einhaus

Founding partner in Law Office of Dr. Einhaus & Partner

Experience and modernity – a combination for the advantage of our clients!

In our more than thirty year story, we have continuously improved and developed new expertise.

In 1981, the office of Dr. Einhaus & Partners was founded by former judge, and current senior partner, Bernd Einhaus.

In 2005, in view of the scientific and international activities the firm was extended through the establishment of office premises in Freiburg.

Since the beginning of 2006, the firm has been a partnership. Attorneys Bernd and Dr. David Einhaus are the founding partners.

Since 2010, the firm has been entrusted in southwestern Germany with the Representation of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany (ITKAM), because of the intensive study and the promotion of trade between Germany and Italy.

In 2011 the office of Dr. Einhaus & Partners celebrated its thirtieth anniversary.

Since 2012 – thanks to the approval by Dr David Einhaus as lawyer specializing in tax law and years of cooperation with the tax consulting firm Barthel and Sarcoli – there has been another partnership: Dr. Einhaus, Sarcoli, & Partners, attorneys and tax consultants.

Since 2016 we are in the Güterhallenstrasse 4, the dynamic soul of the City.

Since 1.1.2018 a notary established in the same Building.

Since 1.1.2019 Dr. Hansen & Kollegen joined our Team.

On 1.1.2019 Bernd Einhaus resigned from partnership, but he still work “of Counsel” in the firm.

A strong partner for companies abroad – We are the official representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The attorneys Dr. Einhaus and Partners are the representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) in Baden-Württemberg.

Thus, ITKAM, which has its headquarters in Frankfurt and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, and Rechtsanwälte Dr. Einhaus & Partner combine their know-how in the field of business development, information procurement, business consulting and legal and tax consulting.

Through this close partnership and cooperation, all problems and questions of companies in the areas of incorporation, financing, promotion, contract drafting and tax and legal support can be dealt with in a technically and linguistically qualified manner.

We are here for you. No matter when or where.

The office of Dr. Einhaus & Partners works extensively in international markets. This primarily relates to the International Trade and Business Law (Att. Dr. David Einhaus), but also to cross-border cases of economic crime (Att. Mertelsmann), as well as trusts & estates law (inheritance) and family law (Att. Ciccarello, Cutaia). Through the approval of Avv. Dr. David Einhaus as an Italian lawyer (Rome Bar Council), we can provide guidance in Italian law as well as representation in Italy at any time.

If representation on an international issue by a colleague from another firm is required, the office of Dr. Einhaus & Partners can draw upon a large, cooperative circle of personally known lawyers. Our contacts are met through participation in international working groups and associations. To ensure lasting quality with our clients, we consciously avoid using a fixed network of law firms and foreign partners, because our experience has shown that a ‘too close’ relationship with other law firms allows too little room in making free decisions and handling cases. Motivation for the service provided may suffer under a fixed network as well. Furthermore, current changes in southern European countries cause frequent changes in the designation of firms and lawyers.

Italian (as well as English and French) is spoken by the majority of our employees. Thus, we can ensure smooth and swift correspondence, even if the lawyers are out of the office and unavailable. Our up-to-date technology allows our lawyers access to the internal office network from anywhere – at home or abroad – and the documents and messages stored there.

We strengthen your expertise – with Publication, Legal Documents, and Training.

Our firm provides legal publications as well as documents of any kind.

Legal documents for our clients are also important if you frequently have to adhere to certain legal standards (e.g. professional codes or customs regulations) and, because of legal qualifications, do not want to obtain legal advice for each law case. Our lawyers will use all available research possibilities for the procurement of legal documents as per request; information can include new laws or law projects a client may wish to employ in particular.

Our lawyers are also constantly representing other companies. Attorney David Einhaus is, among other things, a representative of the Haufe Akademie, the Bar Association of Freiburg, the Apontas Akademie, and ReNoBayern.