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Our goal: An efficient consultation with transparent costs.

The services our firm provides are varied. This includes out of court advising always offered when a client wants to learn, either in general or for a specific case, the particular legal situation in order to avoid a dispute. To keep costs low we offer a so-called “initial consultation” before any further operations or legal proceedings are initiated. The initial consultation includes information about further expenses and the arrangement of the necessary progression of legal work, as well as the fees incurred. We would be pleased to meet the expectations of both sides through an agreement on fees.

As our client, you will of course be informed prior to incurring these charges. We try to meet this claim with the greatest possible transparency.

If you’d like to settle a dispute without litigation, you may obtain help in the cases prescribed by law with our Mediation and Arbitration Office.

Consultation Contracts: "All-round Security" with complete cost control for your business.

For businesses – whatever their legal form – the consultation agreements we provide are a way to clarify common legal questions such as disputes avoidance, or problems they would like their lawyer to clarify, on a calculable budget.

The consultation agreements offered are adjusted according to each individual case. With a consultation agreement we either generalize our advice, or establish set a payment schedule with our clients. In this way there is safety in regard to the costs incurred for the client and contractor. We also want, thereby, to reduce the inhibitions of our clients so that important questions are not left unresolved.

For businesses, this means that about matters of corporate law, particularly start-ups, restructuring, business or partial purchases, renovations, but also debt collection and internal corporate matters (e.g. labor) based on uniform flat rates or hourly fees (to the minute) may be settled. We are proud to continually serve numerous companies, in multilingual situations, based on consultation contracts with all kinds of business operational issues.

Not every dispute must be brought before a court.

The out of court advising we offer (“initial consultation”) includes a ‘mediation.’ This is a special form of mediation between disputing parties, who, together, go to the ‘mediator.’ Mediation is primarily used in family law as an alternative for searching out a different attorney for each case, but with business law, mediation goes further.

In our experience, attorneys undertaking the duties of a mediator are better suited than other occupational groups, since an amicable and lasting settlement can only be achieved if the underlying legal and economic issues are sufficiently resolved. The final agreement must be legally “watertight”. Mediation based on good will alone is risky without the necessary clarity for mutual accommodation or enforceability of an agreement.

Whether in court or with administrative bodies – In every situation there is always excellent and unhindered representation.

In some cases a court dispute or a formal administrative procedure cannot be avoided. Our attorneys represent you throughout Germany in front of the court or administrative authorities, and help to implement your claims within the given deadlines, such as counter demands or defense against actions.

In the law states a lawyer must be present for certain procedures. Unlike a few years ago, it is now possible for clients to put all of their affairs in the hands of a single firm. Thus, “fragmentation” of the procedure can be avoided. In practice, this means that a client from Freiburg, for a case before the District Court of Hamburg, may entrust a known and trusted lawyer at his residence or place of business with the carrying out of his interests in front of the Regional Court of Hamburg. Attorney and Avvocato Dr. David Einhaus can also represent clients in Italy because of his license there. In the context of freedom of services within the European Union, representation in other European courts by attorneys at Dr. Einhaus & Partners is also possible.

Establish dependable facts with expert reports.

Our firm can also provide you with expert advice on certain issues.

Reports are especially useful and necessary when a particularly complex legal question in an oral conversation can not be properly discussed, such as a when written report is required and can be referred to again in the future.

Reports are also recommended to avoid cost in business founding in particular, before any court proceedings, and in regard to foreign or European law.